I love painting. I love the smell of the oil, to me it’s like a perfume, it’s an atmosphere spreading in the room and mixing the colours always fills me with excitement waiting to see the colours I’ll apply on my canvas. Sometimes I prepare my next painting in my head long time ahead. This can be a place I’ve seen, but mostly it’s one of my own photos that inspires me to make my next painting. I like making a series with a  similar subject, it’s like making a family of them. Painting makes me happy and I hope it makes people happy when they see the result. Looking back at my paintings, all together, I notice that I choose my  colours by periods. That is not on purpose, it’s just happening. I like to work alone at home or in an atelier, with a group of painters and always in-house. I don’t like to paint on commission. It need to be free to choose the subject and its colours.

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